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50 minutes of expertly crafted bodyweight, resistance band & kettlebell programs, utilizing active mobility, functional strength & conditioning drills.


Total body endurance strength training + conditioning work using a variety of equipment (kettlebells, sandbags, med balls, resistance bands). Expect to work through strength training rounds paired with functional movement and a sweaty conditioning finisher. 


THE class where strength training + functional movement meet.
MOVE is our signature class that focuses on a dynamic movement-sequences followed by functional strength training geared towards improving range of motion, movement patterns and full body strength. 



STRENGTH is an athletic, full body program rooted in functional movement and foundational strength exercises using a variety of equipment (kettlebells, sandbags, resistance bands) + body weight. You will enhance your mobility, lift some heavy shit & unleash your inner athlete in this RSC signature class.


STATIONS (60 minutes):

This dynamic circuit based class has it all: weight training, functional movement + conditioning work, set up as timed exercise stations. Expect to move through a variety of equipment-based & body weight exercises with a goal to challenge challenge your mobility, build strength and get your heart rate up.

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