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the 'WHY'

Our passion for strength and community runs deep 


At RSC-- we have been building a community of strong Bostonians for the last 7 years.
We mix expert group programming with an individualized training approach in a
welcoming, relaxed, and upbeat atmosphere in Boston's beloved North End. 

We are committed to providing a welcoming & supportive vibe that allows you to move your body effectively and get stronger, whether training one-on-one or in group fitness programs. Our instructors focus on motivating, guiding, and hyping up each client so they can move stronger and release their inner bad A$$.  

You'd be surprised at what you can achieve with a simple resistance band and kettlebells in a room with others working on themselves. 

At our studio, you can find local North Enders, and fitness enthusiasts in the Boston area, and you can usually find our dogs hanging around-- Let's turn up the music and WORK!

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